How To Kill Mice

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In My Home!

Mice Trap $1 For 2!

What A Bargain, A Dollar!

Bought 1 Set, But Could Not Use it.

I Collect Acorns Every Year For Arte.Land,

Collected 10 Buckets, Place Them Inside My Home!

You Cannot Cover Them Or Get Ruined With Fungus Fast!

Every Day, The Mouse Will Take One Acorn, He Was So Happy!

Every Day I Planted Lots Of Acorns, One At A Time! Drilling Holes!

Ranchers Tip: Use A Drill With A Wide Flat Drill Bit To Plant Acorns!

The Day Arrive When I Used The Last Bucket Of Acorns, Now What?

Mouse Made Things Fall All Night Long! He Sounded Like A Human!

To Date Cannot Figure Out How Could He Make So Much Sound!

 Next Day, I Found in My Sleepers An Old Acorn Half Eaten,

 Was So Hard Like A Rock! I Laugh For Hours To Come!

So I Placed A Lot Of Sunflower Seeds That Night!

Morning… My Sleepers Had Lots Of Them!

Laugh Even Harder Nearly All Day Long!

From That Day On, I Call Him “ito”!

So When You Buy A Mouse Trap,

Think, You May Be Killing A Friend!

One Who Can Make You Laugh A Lot!

So in Mouse Psychology…Why He Did it?

My Conclusion Was, To Share or As Offering!

The Next Time, I Placed Bananas, He Love Them!

That Night, Made Sure To Not Leave My Sleepers Out!

Enjoy A True Life Story, Nature Is Amazing! Get Use To it!

Essence Writing” DAPACU Your Host To Arte.Land

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