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A Wise Investment!

Why Buying DAPACU Original Artworks Is A Great Investment?

DAPACU Creates A One Of A Kind Art, Extremely Elaborated,

No one in History To Date Have Painted Artworks Alike,

A Style With Perfect Balance & Intriguing Techniques,

Masterpieces You Will Always Discover Something New!

Details Go Macro For Originals To Be Amplified To Posters,

 Inches of The Masterpiece Can Be Amplified To Posters!

On 2019-2020 DAPACU Paintings Are More Macro,

At First Glance, Appear Nothing At All, Observe...

Observe Deeply, You Will Discover So Much!

Containing Optical Effects & Stereograms,

Easy To Transport, Small in Size & Ultra Thin.

Entrance By Signature, Follow Paths & Patterns.

DAPACU Masterpieces Have Museum Quality!

Limited Editions Are Included With No Charge.

With Over 40 Years Experience in Painting,

From Acrylic To Oils, To Relief Painting,

To Murals, To Floors, To Ceilings,

DAPACU Have Painted All!

Lucky To Arrive Here!

For All Is New!



Miniature Forests,

Landscaping With Art,

Living Walls With Forests,

Murals Of Any Size & Balls!

Multidimensional Art Applied!

DAPACU Created Also Art E

Network For Artists Art,

Galleries Online!






If You Live in Austin…

Pick Original At The Studio,

You Will Learn A Lot About Life!

Enjoy A Journey of Discovery on Sight.

After All, Multidimensional Art is Real New.

New Way To Think, To Create, To See & Express.

Is To Create, Using The True Natural Order Of Things,

Buy A Masterpiece By DAPACU & One Question Will Arise

How Could DAPACU Paint Such An Impressive Masterpiece…

Click on Links To See The Masterpieces Details, Including Zooms.

See Whole Masterpiece To Be Impressed… Each Time You Observe!

All Originals Come With HQ File, A Large Framed Poster & Certificate.

MASTERPIECES Include A Number Of Limited Edition Prints On The Price